Best Apps for Galaxy Smart Watch Online

The Galaxy Watch by Samsung stands among the most multipurpose Smart Watches on the market. All the collection of galaxy applications is readily available in the Galaxy store. Whether you are interested in fitness, home automation, or productivity there’s an app always ready for you.

The series of Smart Watches developed by Samsung Galaxy delivers various excellent features apart from telling time. You can easily track your fitness development, perform diverse actions with voice support, record your current location, and many more.

Though, like most Smart Watches in the present market, Galaxy Watches don’t have enough pre-installed applications to enhance your experiences even further. You will require to download Galaxy Watch applications manually from the app store. If you wish to make the most out of the features of your Galaxy Smart Watch II or the older Galaxy Watches.

The applications developed for your Samsung Galaxy Watch will renovate your watch from just an ordinary digital timepiece into a functional tool that can be useful for your everyday use. The applications are compatible with your Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Gear S2, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit, and Gear Sport.

How to Install Applications on your Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch?

Installing applications in your Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch is pretty simple. You will require to visit the Samsung Galaxy App Store on your Smart Watch or your smartphone using the Samsung Wearable Application and simply download your preferred apps in only a few seconds, to start using it.

How much Space do the Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch Apps take?

Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch applications are developed specifically for the Galaxy Smart Watches to enhance your experience. Generally, most of the applications you download from the Samsung official app store will take only about 1 to 10 MB of your internal storage. That indicates that you won’t have to worry about running out of memory space for future apps you would want to install on your Smart Watch. By tapping on the “DELETE” icon next to a specific application you can easily delete the ones you no longer required.

Best Apps for Galaxy Smart Watch:

Here’s a guideline on the 10 must-have Galaxy Smart Watch applications you might require to download this 2022:

  • Best for Runners: Map My Run

The “Map My Run” application is offered from Under Armor. It’s a beneficial application for tracking and noting down your running sessions, with very little effort.

Using a Galaxy Smart Watch, you can easily install the “Map My Run” application on your Smart Watch and head out on your run while leaving your phone inside the car. To utilize the application on your phone for logging a run, you’ll require to turn on the GPS Location tab in your watch settings.

After you do, you can simply start your running session and your Smart Watch will record: your Duration, Heart rate (including average), Max pace, Distance, Calories burned, Pace (including max & average), Location, and Path of Run, etc.

Once you have finished your running session and returned to your phone, you can easily save the logged running session on your smartphone, and then transfer it to your cloud Map My Run account.

  • Monitor Your Health: Heart Rate Graphic

There are many heart rate monitoring applications are available for the Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch. Among the leading apps “Heart Rate Graphic” is one of the best.

The top features of the application offer not just your current active heart rate, but also a record of your heart rate over the last 240 seconds (i.e. 4 minutes).

The Heart Rate Graphic application displays your present active heart rate and the total time the app has been recording your heart rate. Under this recording is the widescreen chart that displays the 4-minute log of your heart rate. It’s quite useful during your workouts and also makes sure your heart rate stays in a target zone.

  • Track Exercise: GymRun Workout Diary

The GymRun Workout Diary app for your Galaxy Smart Watch is similar to the GymRun application for your smartphone. It is a quite useful add-on to your Galaxy Watch that lets you quickly log into your gym workouts, regardless of the exercise.

You can simply leave your phone in your gym bag, and you can log your complete workout right on your Galaxy Smart Watch. The home screen of the GymRun Workout Diary offers 3 (three) families of exercises to choose from such as Chest & Biceps, Lat & Triceps, Legs & Abdominal muscle, etc.

After you tap on any one of these options, you can put down your finger across the watch screen to scroll through the accessible exercises. Once you select a specific exercise, you can easily set the weight & number of reps you’d like to do. This particular application is not free, it will cost $4.99.


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  • Camera One:

If you’re among those individuals who love to take group photos, then you can check out the Camera One application. It’s one of the leading Samsung Galaxy Watch apps that permits you to control your phone’s camera directly from your SmartWatch. After opening the application, you’ll view the camera interface from your phone. Just by tapping on the tiny camera icon on the screen of your SmartWatch, you can control your phone camera.

You can easily access a wide range of controls right at your fingertips. Simply capture photos, adjust the flash settings, record videos, zoom in and out, and even set a timer if you want to strut a pose hands-free along with editing your image and video’s quality.

  • Spotify:

Presently, millions of individuals love Spotify. Whether you’re utilizing Samsung Gear Sport or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, this application supports all Galaxy Smart Watch models, and it’s quite user-friendly to use upon installation.

You will require to Sign In to your account and choose whether you want to connect it to your smartphone or use the application straight from your Galaxy Smart Watch. Simply browse throughout the songs list and play them on your Smart Watch.

  • SimpleWear:

SimpleWear is an intelligent small application that will display important data right from your Galaxy Smart Watch interface, such as the battery life of your smartphone & notifications. Furthermore, it also works as a substitute for opening your phone settings and making necessary changes like Wi-Fi, location, phone lock, and many more.

You can easily personalize the interface into a tile view or list view, depending on how you wish the toggles to be displayed. It is to be noted that, the SimpleWear application must be installed both on the Galaxy Smart Watch and your smartphone for the mirror feature to work accordingly.

  • To Do Manager:

Another outstanding entrance to our list of the best Galaxy Smart Watch application is the “To Do Manager”. As you can presume, this application is useful for managing your regular activity and organizing your life moments. It operates just like the Reminder app, but it permits you to have full control of your tasks.

You can easily personalize your tasks the way you wish to. Set your urgencies from top to bottom, and even utilize voice commands to log the reminder & notes. Moreover, when it’s time to accomplish an activity, the Galaxy Smart Watch will vibrate to let you know.

  • Find My Car:

If you are quite often tired of searching where you’ve parked your car in huge parking lots, then the “Find My Car” application might just be the solution. It’s pretty easy to use, just before leaving your vehicle, launch the Find My Car app, tap on the “Save” button, and your application will automatically log the location of your car with a voice memo along with a picture.

Now it doesn’t matter where you go, the “ICON” representing your vehicle’s whereabouts remains on the Smart Watch screen, and so you’ll know where to find it. It also notifies you about – how far you are from the vehicle, along with the directions on how to get to it. Find My Car is a supportive tool for car owners, and it works well with all Samsung Galaxy Smart Watches.

  • Hands-Free Driving Directions: Navigation

The Navigation application is undoubtedly one of the most convenient Galaxy Smart Watch apps of all. It’s specifically useful when you’re walking through the city streets and required an easy way to navigate to reach a new location.

It can be operated with the Gear Navigator application installed on your smartphone.

Working Process:

  • Start the “Navigator” application on your Smart Watch
  • Then open “Google Maps” on your Smartphone
  • Start navigating “Google Maps”
  • And simply follow the navigation steps on your Smart Watch

This is exclusively beneficial while using the “Walking Navigation” mode in Google Maps. Your Galaxy Smart Watch will guide you with turn-by-turn directions at every street corner.

  • Never Forget: Gear Voice Memo

If you possess a bad memory don’t worry? You don’t have to hang on to your faulty memory anymore while using a Galaxy Smart Watch. Utilizing the “Voice Memo” application, you can easily tap a record button & quickly record a memo that gets saved to your Smart Watch.

Each memo is securely stored in a register that you can, later on, swipe through to play it again. You can simply record your daily grocery list at home that you can listen to at the store. Or else you can also record if someone is telling you their address or phone number so you can save it later on conveniently.


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