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How to Activate Your Mercury Mastercard :

If you are looking for a basic credit card, then you can apply for the Mercury Mastercard. This card was launched in 2018 for newcomers to the credit card scene. This card is primarily targeted towards individuals with credit cards ranging from 575 to 675. If you want to rebuild your credit, then you can apply for the Mercury Mastercard.

How to Activate Mercury Mastercard :

Before using the Mercury Mastercard, you must have to activate it. The activation process is very simple. You just have to follow few basic instructions to activate your Mercury Mastercard:

  • You have to visit the official website of Mercury Cards to activate your card.
  • For direct access to the website, you just need to click on this link www.mercurycards.com
  • Then, from the main menu, you just have to select the Activate My Card option.

mercury mastercard activate

  • Here, you have to fill up with all the required information.
  • Now, you need to input your card number, last 4 digits of SSN, and date of birth.
  • After providing all the required details, you just have to select the Proceed button.
  • Then, you can follow the steps further to activate your Mercury Mastercard.

How to Apply for Mercury Mastercard

If you don’t have a Mercury Mastercard, then you can apply for the card online. You will require a reservation to apply for this card. Only the invited members can apply for the Mercury Credit Card. In order to complete the application process successfully, you can simply follow these simple instructions below:

  • Firstly, you need to click on this link www.mercurycards.com for direct access to the website.
  • On the homepage, you have to click on the Respond To Mail Offer option.
  • You have to provide the reservation code and last 4 digits of SSN on the given fields.
  • After entering all the required details, simply select the Apply Today option.
  • If your reservation code is verified, you can proceed with the further steps.

Rates and Fees of Mercury Mastercard

Mercury Mastercard comes along with several perks. But, before applying for the Mercury Mastercard, you should check the rates and fees of the card.

  • APR for Purchase: The purchase APR for this is ranges between 25.90% to 27.90%, which can vary depending on the creditworthiness.
  • APR for Cash Advance: The cash advance APR of this card varies between 27.90% to 29.90%, depending on the market-based prime rate.
  • Annual Fee: Mercury Mastercard does not charge any annual fee.
  • Late Payment Fee: If you cannot make the payment for your credit card bill by the due date, you will be charged the late payment fees up to $39.
  • Balance Transfer Fee: For the balance transfer, you will be charged 4% of the balance or a minimum of $5.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: For the foreign transaction, you will be charged 3% of each transferred amount.

Benefits of Mercury Mastercard

Mercury Mastercard is basically targeted towards people with a credit score ranging from 575 to 675. So, there are many people out there, who can join the program and will get a credit card. You will get the following benefits with your Mercury Mastercard:

  • There are no annual fees on your Mercury Mastercard.
  • This credit card comes with a good APR.
  • With this card, you will get the $0 fraud accountability.
  • You can only apply for the Mercury Mastercard with the pre-approval code, which makes it very easy and simple to receive a credit card. You will get your credit card within 10 days after the application.

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How to Make Payment for Mercury Mastercard Bill

There are several payment options available to pay your Mercury Mastercard bill. You can follow any of these following methods to pay your credit card bill:

Online Payment Method:

You can easily pay your credit card bill by login into your Mercury Mastercard account. You have to follow these simple steps as mentioned below to pay your credit card bill:

  • Firstly, you need to click on this link www.mercurycards.com
  • There, simply click on the Make a Payment option from the homepage.
  • Provide your birth month and birth year in the first two fields.
  • Then, you have to enter the credit card number in the next field.
  • Then, on the last field, you have to provide your social security number.
  • After that, you just need to click the Continue button for the steps further.

Pay by Mail:

You can use the mail service to make the payment for your Mercury Mastercard bill. You have to send your funds with all the required information to this address below:

Card Services
PO Box 70168
Philadelphia, PA 19176-0168

If you can also make the overnight payment through the express mail, then please send your funds to this address below:

Lockbox Services
Box #70168
400 White Clay Center Dr
Newark, DE 19711

Pay by Phone:

You can use the automated call service to make the payment for your credit card bill. You just have to call 866-686-2158 from your phone and follow the further instructions to complete your payment.

Mercury Cards Contact Info

If you have any queries about the Mercury Card, then you can contact the customer service department at:

Phone: 866-686-2158


Card Services,

PO Box 84064,

Columbus GA 31908

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